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Hutan Simpan Jelok

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Hutan Simpan Jelok Kini

Hutan Simpan Jeloh(k) kini telah dinyahwartakan menjadi ladang Klon Lateks Balak (Latex Timber Clone - LTC):-

“LOGGING with the sanction of the previous Selangor state government has devastated a large part of the Sungai Jelok Forest Reserve in the Hulu Langat district.

According to Selangor Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman Lee Kim Sin, the approval for logging to be carried out on 202ha was given during a state executive council meeting on Nov 8, 2006.

“This is for a proposed rubber estate project by Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Selangor (PKPS). Following the exco decision, the Selangor Foresty Department issued a logging permit to a private company,” Lee said during a site visit to the forest reserve.

Lee, the state assemblyman for Kajang, said the logging activities were reported to the PAC in November last year, and by that time, 90% of the trees had been felled and bare patches had begun to dot the 250ha forest reserve.”

Hutan Simpan Jelok

(Sumber: Geetha Krishnan @ The Star, 06 Mar 2009: |"250ha of forest reserve devastated")

Sumber lanjut: |"Chopped down in the name of reforestation". Geetha Krishnan @ The Star, 29 Jun 2009

Klon Lateks Balak

Maklumat lanjut tentang Klon Lateks Balak (Latex Timber Clone - LTC):-

Kesan Penyahhutanan

Penyahhutanan ini dikatakan menjadi salah satu faktor utama meningkatnya kadar serta tahap banjir kilat di sekitar Kajang:-

  • “Difahamkan terdapat beberapa faktor utama yang menyebabkan kejadian banjir kilat itu berlaku, antaranya penerokaan tanah bagi tujuan pertanian di kawasan Hutan Simpan Hulu Sungai Jelok yang menyebabkan Sungai Jelok cetek hingga menyukarkan pengaliran air hujan. (Subkhi Sudarji @ Sinar Harian, 3 Disember 2011: |"Banjir Terburuk Sejak 40 Tahun").

  • “Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Selangor branch committee member Lim Teck Wyn has given examples of insensitive development, some carried out without any regard for regulations. He said the whole of Sungai Jelok Forest Reserve in Kajang had been replaced with rubber plantation in 2009. The 250ha forest reserve was a water catchment area for Sungai Jelok, a tributary of Sungai Langat. … For example, in Sungai Jelok, the forest reserve is now used to plant latex timber clone rubber trees. The act has caused serious erosion and Kajang is being hit by floods at an unprecedented scale.” (Yip Yoke Teng @ The Star, 23 Feb 2013: |"Land clearing activities in Selangor stripping away precious greenery")

  • Namun pembangunan di sepanjang tebing dan hulu Sungai Jelok dianggap faktor paling utama: ”The original terrain of the town is an alluvial plain. A large proportion of settlements are in flat alluvial zones or areas with low elevation (Muhamad 2016). Kajang is susceptible to flood due to its geomorphology. The situation is exacerbated by excessive development upstream of the Jeluk River where multiple residential development projects have increased the water runoff during heavy rains. This is the primary cause of flooding in Kajang (Bahrum & Malek, 2016). Intense development has also increased the percentage of impervious surfaces, overwhelming the drainage system and resulting in a large amount of surface runoff (Lee & Pradhan, 2007; Muhamad et al., 2015). The vulnerability of the community has increased due to intense development upstream of Kajang. The hilly areas upstream with increased surface runoff have overwhelmed the narrow river of the town and created a bottleneck resulting in flash floods. Extreme increase in precipitation due to climate change is expected to exacerbate the situation (Pereira et al. 2010).“ (Nurfashareena Muhamad, Choun-Sian Lim and Joy Jacqueline Pereira, 2017: |"Flood Hazard Mapping in Kajang, Malaysia")

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