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George (G.C.) Bellamy (1860-1939)

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  • 1860 (10 Mac): Dilahirkan di Tavistock, Devon, England (Roderick Bissett @ MyHeritage, Dec 15 2017: |"George Bellamy").
  • 1882: Lulusan Trinity College Dublin, mula bertugas di Selangor Civil Service sebagai Setiausaha Residen British: “Educated at Trinity College in Dublin, Bellamy joined Selangor Civil Service in 1882 as secretary to the British resident. In addition to serving about 12 years as district officer, Bellamy held acting appointments…” (Sandra Khor Manickam, 2015: "Taming the Wild: Aborigines and Racial Knowledge in Colonial Malaya", m.s.205).
  • 1886: Menulis laporan etnografi mengenai budaya orang asli di daerahnya ketika itu: “Two of the lengthier 1886 reports, written by G.C. Bellamy for Kuala Langat and J.A.G. Campbell for Ulu Langat, show a scholarly inclination. … Bellamy addressed the origins of the Kuala Langat 'jungle-men” … Physical descriptions Of the people made up small sections in both reports, showing scholarly thinking that tried to find physical correlations to already noted social facts. At first, Bellamy established the connection between Malays and the Orang Hutan (jungle people) tribe he described. … Bellamy explained the connections and similarities in physical appearance and lifestyle between aborigines and Malays as an “admixture Of Malay blood”, an explanation that anthropologists and colonial officials continued to use for unclear racial boundaries.“ (Sandra Khor Manickam, 2015: "Taming the Wild: Aborigines and Racial Knowledge in Colonial Malaya", m.s.130).
  • 1893 (Ogos): Beliau tercedera parah dalam suatu kemalangan keretapi di jambatan Connaught, Klang: “We are sorry to hear that the injuries sustained by Mr. G. C. Bellamy (Collector and Magistrate, Kuala Selangor), in the recent railway collision are of a more serious nature than at first appeared. It appears that in addition to a collar bone damaged and ribs broken Mr. Bellamy's shoulder was more or less driven in, causing no doubt considerable internal injury. Notwithstanding all this, when momentarily recovered from the first shock, Mr. Bellamy worked as hard as he could to relieve the wounded native passengers although his left arm hung useless, and his services, thus pluckily rendered when he was himself practically disabled, were of the greatest value. Mr. Bellamy, after working for a considerable time, fainted, and was for nearly two hours unconscious. The greatest credit is due to Mr. Bellamy for his timely ambulance services, when he was himself a fit subject for treatment.” (The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (weekly), 15 August 1893, Page 7: |"Untitled").
    Jambatan Connaught, Klang
    Jambatan Connaught, Klang (1922), sekitar tempat kejadian (Malcom Wilton-Jones, 30th November 2010: |"Pictorial History of Railways around Kuala Lumpur").
  • 1895: Beliau dihantar pulang ke England untuk rawatan, dan setelah itu dihentikan perkhidmatannya: “All here then will remember the railway accident in August 1893, just across the Connaught Bridge, between the Kuala Lumpur passenger train and the goods train from Klang ; when the engines that collided were the ” Lady Clementi Smith ” and “Lady Clarke” named after the wives of Governors. Geo. Bellamy, District Officer, Kuala Selangor, was badly injured and had to go home on this account, and subsequently was invalided for the same reason.“ (“RIMBA”, 1922: |"Bygone Selangor; a souvenir", m.s.44). “G. C. Bellamy was a District Officer when he retired in 1895, owing to a railway accident on the line near Klang, when he underwent an operation at home; but is drawing his small pension today.” (“RIMBA”, 1922: |"Bygone Selangor; a souvenir", m.s.11).

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